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GenAI Essentials: 12 Online Courses for All Skill Levels

It is safe to say that most people still have very little knowledge or experience with GenAI. Which leaves us with the task to find good resources that can quickly upskill the team with the right information.

I recently pulled together a list of 12 online courses.

Many courses are free. But this can change at any time with no notice. Some are free to audit and charge to unlock labs, badges, or certificates of completion.

Beginner courses target all professionals. Intermediate level courses have technical requirements and are geared towards developers or data scientists but can be good for citizen developers and citizen analysts.

Most beginner courses are a bit dry and mostly reading. Courses over 1 hour duration offer some hands-on practice.

(Disclosure: I have no affiliation with these programs and do not get paid to promote them)

Course Website Publisher Duration Difficulty Pros Cons
Foundations in Prompt Engineering Amazon AWS 4 hours Intermediate Basic and advanced prompts. Mitigate bias. Pre-requisites
Prompt Engineering for Developers Deep Learning AI 1 hour Beginner ChatGPT specific. Nice video instruction alongside library docs Some Python needed. Free for now.
Google AI Google 30 minutes Beginner Multi language, Earn badge  
AI with Python Harvard 7 weeks Intermediate In depth, self-paced, Multi Language Python pre-req
Fundamental AI Concepts Microsoft 45 minutes Beginner Broad topics: ML, NLP, AI, Risks Reading
ChatGPT for Everyone Learn Prompting 1 hour Beginner Broad topics Waitlist to enroll, $ for monthly subscription
Intro to GenAI Learning Path Google 32 hours Beginner 4 courses Must pay for labs
Data Science: Machine Learning Harvard EdX 24 hours Beginner ML, Algorithms Free to audit, $ for certificate
Language Models by LangChain Deep 1 hour Beginner Apply LLM to your own data Free for now. Some Python helps.
GenAI Learning Plan for Decisions Maker Amazon 3 hours Beginner Three courses, variety of use case stories. Reading, no videos. AWS/Amazon promo.
AI for Everyone Deep 3 hours Beginner Good videos. Business oriented, strategy and impact Not industry specific
GenAI with LLMs Coursera 16 hours Intermediate Lifecycle of LLM based GenAI, practitioner stories For AWS. Pre-reqs.


With so many options out there, finding the right GenAI course can be overwhelming and time-consuming. This curated list is designed to streamline your search, saving you time and effort in navigating the expansive world of GenAI learning.

Curated by:  Susan Stocker

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